Included: 1 E-Book (PDF format)


Being a part of a trade show can be a wise investment for any company. But preparation is important because it can ‘make or break’ how well you succeed during the show. Employees must realize that they are acting as a representative for the company and should be knowledgeable of its products and services. Preparing your staff for the trade show is a big job, so get started early!



  1. Pre-Show Preparation
  2. Booth Characteristics and Set-Up (I)
  3. Booth Characteristics and Set-up (II)
  4. During the Show (I)
  5. During the Show (II)
  6. Qualifying Visitors
  7. Engaging the Right People
  8. The Rules of Engagement (I)
  9. The Rules of Engagement (II)
  10. After the Show

Trade Show Staff Training E-Book

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