Included: 23 E-Books (PDF format)


The Sales and Marketing E-Book Bundle includes 23 powerful e-books that will help your new sales team members take off running in their new roles. Sales Managers will find that this collection will help them in their ongoing evaluations and coaching sessions. 


Sales is a whole industry in itself. Those who break the threshold can excel at anything in life. Help yourself and your sales team break that threshold. 




  • Individual personal development
  • New team member training
  • Lunchtime classes
  • Coaching
  • Advanced training
  • Leadership development (train your future sales leaders)



Body Language Basics E-Book
Call Center Training E-Book
Coaching Sales People E-Book
Contact Center Training E-Book
Creating a Great Webinar E-Book
Employee Recognition E-Book
Event Planning E-Book
High Performance Teams - Remote Workforce E-Book
High Performance Teams - Inside the Company E-Book
Internet Marketing fundamentals E-Book
Marketing Basics E-Book
Media and Public Relations E-Book
Motivating Your Sales Team E-Book
Multi-Level Marketing E-Book
Overcoming Sales Objections E-Book
Presentation Skills E-Book
Proposal Writing E-Book
Prospecting and Lead Generation E-Book
Sales Fundamentals E-Book
Servant Leadership E-Book
Telephone Etiquette E-Book
Top 10 Sales Secrets E-Book
Trade Show Staff Training E-Book

Sales and Marketing E-Book Bundle (23 E-Books!)