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The loss of valuable leadership can cripple a company. Business succession planning is essentially preparing successors to take on vital leadership roles when the need arises.
Whether it is preparing someone to take over as the sole proprietor of a small business or a position of leadership in a corporation, business succession planning is essential to the long-term survival of a company. This book will teach you the difference between succession planning and mere replacement planning and how to prepare people to take on the responsibilities of leadership so that the company thrives in the transition.



  1. Succession Planning Vs. Replacement Planning
  2. Preparing for the Planning Process
  3. Initiating Process
  4. The SWOT Analysis
  5. Developing the Succession Plan
  6. Executing the Plan
  7. Gaining Support
  8. Managing the Change
  9. Overcoming Roadblocks
  10. Reaching the End

Business Succession Planning E-Book

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