C-Defense™ Isolation/Medical Gowns with Level 3 Barrier

MedGuard® 4x Reusable Isolation Gown

Lightweight for maximum comfort and high barrier performance

Washable Medical Gown Level 3 shown from 4 sides
C-Defense Washable Medical Gown (Level 3 Barrier)

Meets these Standards:

  • Passes AATCC 42 Water Resistance Test on as Received and after 3x Laundering Cycles

  • Passes AATCC 127 Hydrostatic Pressure Test on as Received and after 3x Laundering Cycles

  • Meet Requirements for Flammability as defined by 16 CFR 1610

Safe after 3 laundering cycles:

Gowns maintain their integrity and pass all mentioned level 3 requirements after 3 wash cycles giving the user 4 safe guaranteed uses out of each unit:

1. Hand or machine wash with warm water (105° ± 5°F). Line Dry. Reuse.

MedGuard washable isolation medical gown being washed in a medical facility
Level 3 washable medical gowns (4 uses, 3 washes)

2. Mark off the tag on each device after the wash to track laundering.

image of wash log for medical gowns
Medical gown wash log

Washable Hospital Gowns Cost-Effective:

C-Defense Isolation Hospital Gowns with Level 3 Barrier Protection may vary in price but are consistently in the vicinity of $12.00/gown (averaging $3.00/use).

Competitor Level 1 hospital gowns (single use) cost providers $5.49/gown and Level 2 hospital gowns (single use) cost providers $8.47/gown.

These figures yield a total cost of $22.00 for 4 Level 1 gowns and $35.00 for 4 Level 2 gowns. C-Defense Isolation Hospital Gowns saves providers 34% to 55% in PPE supplies!

Environmental Benefits:

We are committed to providing the health care market with reusable and safe products that last through this global emergency.

In addition to the tremendous environmental benefits reusable hospital gowns provide, they also offer significant cost savings when compared to single-use programs while maintaining the same level of protection as the initial use. Detailed cost studies have proven that a single-use program will cost nearly double that of a Reusable program. An accurate cost study should consider all related costs associated with both programs.

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