Hand Sanitizer Bulk Orders

TCFEB and DNA Health Plus partners-up again in the distribution of hand sanitizer products.

Please NOTE: A minimum of 100,000 units are required. Your organization may choose to partner with other organizations to split the cost of an order. We are happy to facilitate this.

Please utilize the contact form on this website to inquire on pricing. Please provide the following information:

  • Your Name (or purchasing agent's name)

  • Phone number

  • Email

  • # of bottles required (4oz and/or 16oz available)

The expected turnaround and delivery of your order is up to 10 days. If you have any questions, please include them in your contact form submission. You can contact Ms. Kim McFarlane with any urgent questions at 1-800-506-4564. (We ask that you call only if it is urgent as we are managing multiple fronts in support of the Coronavirus situation.)

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