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Do business with anyone anywhere.

The Center For Emerging Business delivers the resources businesses need to create opportunities and prepare for growth. Whether you work with the government, consumers, or other businesses, our team will help you take your business global.

Consulting Services

One-on-one consulting by TCFEB provides personalized support in those extra-sensitive areas of business where advanced professional expertise is required. 


Business Growth

Define and take steps forward in your growth with a comprehensive business assessment and growth strategy plan.

Government Contracting

Doing business with the government can be a complex undertaking. It's well worth it. Let us walk you through the process!



Defining your business and the services you are capable of providing is crucial. We've been doing it for over 20 years!

GSA Schedules

Make it easy for state and federal agencies to find you. Discover the opportunities through the GSA schedule consolidation.

How to Hire Digital Marketers

Get the best bids from the best digital marketing professionals within your budget. We cover every step from finding them to evaluating their work.

Website SEO Audit & Plan

SEO (or Search Engine Optimization) shouldn't feel like shooting in the dark. There are strategies we can help uncover.



“Diana Potts is a critical member of any serious businessperson's network. [She] provided expert advice including points of contact I needed to meet. Her advice was/is invaluable.”

Marv Gordner
Program Manager, Booz Allen Hamilton


Our training calendar is your starting point for a growth-focused company culture...

How do the big companies do it? Who writes all of these SOPs and policies? Who trains employees? Who enforces the culture and how do they do it? Stay focused on your product/service and let us get your team up to standard.