Hiring a Digital Marketing Pro

How to hire a web developer? 

Or do I need another digital marketing pro?

We hire people to help us with things we don't know enough about. We count on plumbers, electricians, accountants, lawyers, and so many others. What makes disciplines in digital marketing different and more nerve-racking?

Digital marketing isn't a regulated industry and that means anybody can say, "Yeah, sure. I can do that!". They'll charge you New York City rates for novice-level expertise and call it a day... if you let them. 

That's the worst-case scenario (just behind not doing the job at all). But then how do we measure progress? What metrics should I be looking at? How can I make decisions based on those metrics? How do I evaluate people's work so we're not fully dependent on "wait and see"? 

These are all valid questions that company leaders should always be asking. TCFEB can help guide you in the right direction with decisions such as: 

  • What skill set should I be looking for? 

  • What terminology should I know before posting a job announcement? 

  • Where should I be looking for talent? 

  • What are the key indicators that should drive my decision to hire/contract someone to do the job? 

  • What should my expectations be going into the production process? 

  • What should my expectations be with regard to results? 


Let us help you and your business make way for a successful hiring for your key digital marketing positions.