About Us

The Center For Emerging Business (TCFEB)

The Center for Emerging Business leverages commercial, creative, and

community resources to create a unified resource and training facility for businesses of all industries and sizes. We give innovation a “space” and bring it to life. 

The Center for Emerging Business:

  • Fosters a strong entrepreneurial culture and dynamic business environment

  • Provides long term resources and support for successfully launching and scaling innovation-based businesses

  • Offers a Suite of services for small, specialty or location-specific enterprises

Rich innovation cultures are those that are robust innovation networks that connect people, ideas, and materials together in ways that form effective and lasting communities and technologies. This is the aim and intention of TCFEB. 

Through TCFEB, businesses will have accessibility to mentors and training for:

  • Financial Viability and Sustainability

  • Marketing and Promotion

  • Creating Business Growth

  • Creating Job Growth

  • Increasing the Survival Rate of New Business Start-ups

  • Generating an Economic Return-on-Investment

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