Assessment & Growth

Business Growth Consulting Services

If you’re like most entrepreneurs, you’re moving at a mile a minute. With so much to do to run a successful business, and even more to learn, it can be challenging to find time to develop the key strategies to move your business forward. Even if you did have the time, do you have a clear picture of what projects would actually move your business forward?


A business assessment can help identify the business growth and development opportunities in your business. We prefer you use the business assessment as a tool to identify opportunities to grow your business rather than as a weapon against yourself or your business.


More importantly, a business assessment:

  • Creates clarity

  • Helps you learn

  • Allows you to plan

  • Promotes strategic use of your time

  • Identifies business areas to strengthen

  • Provides a foundation for smart business decisions


One of the greatest challenges with running a small business is taking the time to step back from your business in order to objectively evaluate what’s really going on. A business assessment provides the fair and impartial vantage point needed when making sound, strategic decisions about the direction of your business.  Then let us help you formulate your Growth Plan for 2020.

There are a few things in business that are optional — business growth is not one of them — especially if you intend to keep the doors open and the lights on. Growing a business in any economy is not for the faint of heart. Growing a business — minus a strategy — is a major drain on your resources triggered by half-baked decisions.

Setting strategy is not a game of establishing goals. Strategy is how your organization moves forward. Strategy is the craft of figuring out what is worth pursuing with the capability of accomplishing. It’s a cohesive approach to moving forward that requires you to say "no" more often than "yes" to what lies ahead.